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there's no such thing as santa

so at the mall today some random dude pulled out a knife and threatened to kill the guy playing santa. it was so fucking crazy and then like inspector gadget and shit came and busted that guys ass and shit and all the sudden fucken the joker came outta no where and blew fucken gadet up and shit and i was like wow this shit is crazy and crap and joker like took over the hole fucken mall and wouldn't let anyone out and shit and then there was this black guy and joker just shot him and crap but then fucken mega man came outta no where and is like ayyyyyyyaaaaa and shit and fucken ran joker over and shit and then like with his super speed he lit the hole mall on fire and im sitting there like fuck fuck fuck and all the girls like ahhhhh and shit and im still like fuck fuck fuck i better get a gloria jeans coffe first went in there and was like fuck fuck fuck give me one of those chochalte carmel chiller and shit and then i finally got out right after saving this cute as kiddy and crap.

so that was basically my day how bout ur guyses days how was they???

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