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well well well look whose in town

so i was thinking about writing a post but fuck live j's

  • fuck live j post
  • fuck live j poles
  • fuck live j little quizes
  • fuck all the emo people
  • fuck all the gothic people
  • fuck anonmoyous commentors
  • fuck friends only journals
  • fuck having the coolest setupd
  • fuck wasting ur time writing about your life only to see how many comments ur gunna get
  • fuck live j settings
  • fuck people that wanna be added
  • fuck people that pretend to be friends with people on there live j's
  • fuck people who friend people they have no fucking clue who they are
  • fuck live j's icons
  • fuck calaneders
  • fuck the mood your in
  • fuck having subject to your posts
  • fuck $pe!!i^g everything r!&#t
  • fuck live j's

 emily puked tonight

unsolved mysterys is my favorite show of all time

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