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my arms the hose and your the fire out of control and i've got to put you out before there's nothing

so fish are pretty stressfull and shark fish are morestresfull, so we got home and were setting up the tank and danielle fucking faye decides to drop her fucken fish and explode the bag all over my floor whooo great it's still wet even 3 days later. so we got everything set up and it looks pretty fucking sweet it's got black and red rocks to match my room and the rocks are by far the coolest part of the tank.


brad im sorry but danielle can mae a mess like it's no bodys business...


some of my new sayings:

all of the time, sometimes!



shannon don't u just love them haha


so i decided to pull and emo and read my journal entries and i really miss the summer sharks week parties to j at tori's house and the pedal boat with matt and jed and eric great times i wish i could take back and live them all over again to go to the mall practically everyday and just have the best time fucking with dan cuccias house and staying up till 630 when my dad would get up to work and tell us to go to bed to go ddd at 3 in the morning and whatch jay with his reflector boots crash into a rock wall and have it all on camera i miss every second of it so who is with me from above to give these meomries a go again and even more people just hanging out pizza bites all those people give me calls i miss all the meomries we hade...


saturday looks like it's gunna be full of laughs and giggles

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