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we whatched from mirrors besides us above us and all around..

wow, it's been awhile

live journal oh! live journal!

rember the walks around the college feeling all big and tuff and maybe hoping to get invited back to a dorm room and just how the talk we hade flowed so nice. and the car rides where we would be in tears by laughing so hard because this place was a firefight. and how i miss all that so much now and i wonder if she does to taking her car for an unsuspected ride minus the drive way. driving all the way to pughkeepsie jsut to eat taco bell wtf and wasting all the water from are bodys waiting at the chance to see hellogoobye and then figureing out they got robbed and are playing acoustic.sitting in the movies tripping little kids as she was covering her face to scared to whatch the movie cause she would hvae nightmares. every other day in 8th period sitting there looking at u looking at me it all just seems to have gotten whiped away by these waves the call tsunamis as if it never exsisted.

halo=life on the wild side

don't drink the water until the coast is clear..

i'm consindered a animorph i can take shape of any animal i want i specfically prefer

  1. the panther- fierce, quit and cuddly at times
  2. python-slimmy but yet can hold u until ur brains explode outta ur head
  3. shark just because there cool
  4. 3 toed sloths- because there so slow crazy and amazingly awesome animals
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