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i drink chemicals for the fun of it...

Far from being a side to anything.

Lonely Ranger
7 June
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another lonely night without her by my side...
50 foot waves, action figures, being lonely, bitch fights, bitches making pie, black people, blood brothers, bloods, blow torches, botch, car crashes, catch 22, clubbin, coheed and cambria, collar bones, contempary speed jazz, cowboys, cowgirls, crack, crypts, daggers, dirtbikes, dolphins, emo, eric my pyhsical therapist, everything from china, fall out boy, fat chicks, fire works, flame throwers, for another day, from autumn to ashes, fuzzy navels, g-unit, gauges, gi joe, giant orgys, giant riots, gin should die, girls, girls in bikinis, girls on trampolines, glass jaw, gun fights, guns, hot wheels, i don't like ho's, jello, jet skis, jo jo, kamakizes, kanye west, knife fights, laying on the beach, lifeguards, lighters, love stinks, loving my bro, lyrics, making babies, manhunt, mars volta, match box cars, mesothlioma, monkeys, mortal kombat, movies, mp3's rule, mr.studder mic snuggles, ms.pacman, my madre, nba street volume 2, ninja turtles, not knowing gineann creany, pac man, paintball, pictionary, ping pong, pitbull fights, pitch black law, pizza bites, poopsex, princess diaries, pyro technicans, quizzal pong, scrabble, senses fail, sharks, shoes, siberian soccer team, skampas the rat, stem cell research, stripe shirt is gay, surfing, t.g. dalton, taking care of business, the killers, the speacial somone, thursday, transexuals should die, vibraters, volley ball, wakeboarding, whores, you got served